St Marys Star of the Sea, Largs


A very sincere welcome to all who are visitors to St Marys. We hope you enjoy your visit.




St Marys

The website has a wealth of information about the parish: times of Masses and other liturgical services, a brief history of the parish, information about our schools, an account of the many ministries and organisations in the parish and the religious institutions within the parish.

If you would like further information on any activity or group, please do not hesitate to enquire further. All the various groups are glad to welcome new members.

So, whether you have been in St. Mary's parish for a long time, or have only recently joined us, I can assure you that you are an important part of our community. I hope you will draw strength and joy from our parish life and will feel able to take part in it, enriching it by your presence and by sharing your particular talents and abilities with us all.

Largs is a lovely place. Let us play our part in making it glorious for God.

God bless you, Eamonn Flynn P.P.

Tel/Fax: (01475) 672324
Email: edjflynn@aol.com