St Marys Star of the Sea, Largs


All of the groups and activities described below will benefit from the ideas, skills and talents of new members. Anyone wishing to join or wishing to obtain more information will be made very welcome. Many thanks to all of the Parish Groups.

Altar Servers

Young people over nine years of age, can play an important part in the liturgy as altar servers. From time to time, training sessions are organised for newcomers, who are always welcome. Contact: Fr Eamonn 672324

Bereavement Group

Members of the Bereavement Group take it in turns to visit, in twos, recently bereaved parishioners and take flowers as an expression of sympathy on behalf of the parish community. Contact: Mary Ryan 675593

Chat and Do

This group meets every Wednesday afternoon in the church hall, to enjoy various activities or just good chat. Everyone is welcome, particularly those people who are new to the Parish. Contacts: Angela McNulty 272622, Kathleen MacInnes 673536

Children's Liturgy

During Sunday morning Mass, children of primary school age are invited into the hall to take part in the Children's Liturgy. It consists of an act of sorrow and the Alleluia, followed by a simplified version of the Gospel of the day. After a short discussion, the children complete an activity. Contact: Kathleen McComish 672419

Church Care and Cleaning

A voluntary group of ladies from the parish gather after the morning service, usually on Mondays, to clean the church and prepare it for the weekend services.
Contact: Mary Chalmers 686323

Counting Team

The counting teams meet every Monday morning at 9.00am. There are 4 teams of 3 people, along with 3 support counters to cover for holidays etc. All weekly and special collections are counted and recorded, along with candles and Catholic newspapers. Contact: Deirdre Faccenda 673713

Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist

Ministers are appointed to assist the clergy by distributing Holy Communion at Mass, in Eucharistic Services in the church or in taking the Eucharist to the sick or housebound. Contact: May Fulton 686008

Flower Group

The Flower Group meets on alternate Thursdays in the church sacristy. There are always fresh flowers in the church, arranged and maintained by members of the group. When there is a special celebration, such as a wedding, participants usually make their own arrangements with their chosen florist. Contact: Maureen Hammill 670412

Hall Management Committee

The Hall Management Committee is responsible for running the Parish Hall and ensuring its maintenance and equipment. Contact: Linda Mitchell 686134

Largs Churches Together

St Mary's is a member of 'Largs Churches Together', participating in the inter-church services which are held in different churches once a month throughout the year. We also take part in fund raising with the other churches for Christian Aid.
Contact: Kathleen Rourke 676379

Legion of Mary

The Legion of Mary's aim is the personal sanctification of members through prayerful meetings and apostolic work. Members meet regularly and undertake various work tasks, including house visits and visits to the sick and elderly.
Contact: Mary Ryan 675593

Lourdes Group

The Lourdes Group set themselves the project of sending someone from the parish to Lourdes each year. They raise funds through social events and have sent two or three people on each diocesan pilgrimage to Lourdes since 1985, as pilgrims or workers. The group welcomes new members as well as financial support and the prayers of the parish. Contact: Mary Ryan 675593

Parish Finance Committee

This group meets to discuss all ongoing financial affairs relating to the parish, including maintenance and fabric of the buildings. Contact: Father Eamonn 672324

Parish Pastoral Council

This consists of twelve members Its purpose is to promote the spiritual growth of the parish community. The council meets monthly from September to June and welcomes all suggestions on how best to serve the needs of the parish.
Contact: Roger Townley 689304


The team of Passkeepers has the responsibility of welcoming people to services and other events in the church. They also ensure that everyone has a place, take up collections and make sure that the church is left tidy when the service is over.
Contact: Bridie Lamont 673869

Prayer Line

Prayer Line The Prayer Line consists of a team of 25 parishioners committed to praying for any intention people wish to submit, assuring them of the support of prayer for themselves or others. Anyone can phone in with a request which will then be sent by 'phone along the line and the prayers will begin. The prayer team come together for an annual Mass for all the intentions sent in during the year.
Contact: Caroline Allison 07598 909592

Pro - Life Group

Pro-Life Group The Largs Pro-Life Group seeks to protect life, particularly the life of the unborn child, through making counselling and friendship available to any pregnant woman in need of help. Practical help is also given in providing layettes and other costly items. New members are most welcome, as are offers of baby garments (materials provided) or donations of appropriate unwanted goods.
Contact: Mary Byrne 675511


The Readers' Ministry is an important part of the Liturgy, in which lay people proclaim the Word to and for the community during the celebration of Mass. New readers are always welcome. Contacts: Gerry Condron 675288 (Sunday Mass), Tom McGuire 649412 (Sat Vigil)

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults

RCIA is a rite of the Church designed to assist prospective members to become part of the church community. It applies both to unbaptised people and to adults who have been baptised as infants but have not received the other sacraments. The team represents the rest of the parish in arranging instruction, prayer partners and sponsors and in gradually introducing new members to the local church community.
Contact: Father Eamonn 672324

Society of St Vincent de Paul

SVDP continues the work of its 1833 founder, Frederick Ozanam, by giving to poor people of all denominations and seeking to eliminate all forms of poverty. Our Largs Conference provides financial assistance and visits people in need of support including people who are bereaved, lonely, are single parent families, or in hospital. Thanks to the generosity of the people of Largs, we can assist in need of furniture or other household equipment. Contact: Stanley Graham via Fr. Eamonn 672324

The Music Ministry

The Music Ministry (musicians and singers) exists to lead and inspire the congregation to participate musically in the celebration of the Liturgy. New cantors and musicians are always most welcome. The Parish Choir is part of the Music Ministry and encourages and supports the active involvement of the congregation. While new hymns and pieces are introduced, choral parts from well known hymns are also learnt. Membership of the choir is open to all parishioners and no music-reading skills are required. Choir practice takes place for an hour on most Sundays after 10.00 Mass, from September to June. Contacts: Anne Timmons 673053, Louise Devine 672572

Visiting sick and housebound

Every Sunday, the basket of fruit which has been offered during Mass, is taken to the sick or housebound. New helpers are very welcome. Contact: Val Esselmont 673001

Youth Group

Youth Group The aim of this group is to enhance the youth of the Parish. Many activities around the church are arranged, along with fun outings; meetings are light hearted and always focus on the enjoyment of the youth. The group meets on Fridays Contacts: Fiona Wright 675733

Page last updated: April 2018